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Hanging out in Mexico City, drinking the water, eating the lettuce, having a blast.

There is something amazing about an invitation to “stay as long as you want to. Please. Really.” First of all, it eliminates all pressure to plan (though some say A&a could use a little pressure here). Second, it opens up the opportunity to get to know a city little by little. Oscar loves his city like few people do, and wants nothing more than to have us fall in love with it too. He seems to know how everything works first-hand, and regales us with stories of his time as a bus driver, an internet cafe owner, an English teacher, a cactus fruit picker, and many other things. It’s like walking around with a warm, generous, hilarious talking guide book. His girlfriend Rebeca is equally warm and generous and is teaching us to cook all the things we buy in the markets.  There are markets here  for everything from candy to pets to clothes to kitchen supplies. Food is of course very available and very delicious. The way Rebeca, and many Mexicans, cook is enviable — they do not use recipes. They just know what to do. We’ve eaten out very little, but the street food is awesome, too.

Lucky for us, our amazing hosts like to walk around and look at stuff as much as we do. Most of our tourist-ing has included long walks through varied neighborhoods and parks. The city is so enormous, but there are so many different zonas that take on their own personalities.  There are a lot of opportunities to see free art, theater, dancing, music, etc.  We went to a castle on a hill constructed during Spanish colonization, which was impressive in itself, but then also stumbled onto a free performance by the ballet folklorico.

Yesterday we visited the Mayan pyramids at Teotihuacan, north of the city.  A couple of high school girls approached us half way up the Pyramid of the Sun and asked us if they could interview us in English for a school assignment.  We said of course, and they asked us questions including “What do you like to eat the most in Mexico?” and “What is your goal in life?”  Heh.  They thought our bike tour sounded pretty awesome. After the official interview was over, they also asked us whether we were married and whether we had a son they could meet.  We told them no, and then one asked whether we could adopt her. When we had joked about this for a bit, another asked if we would come to her town in the evening for their festival to honor the patron saint of her church.

We are learning that it is good to say yes to everything, so we did indeed venture over the the small puebla Xometla.  We didn´t see our new friend, but we did buy a cotton candy the size of a small horse, listen to a peppy band, and watch 14 year olds crawling around to check the wires of the rides (regulations are a bit looser here).  Today we hunted for some spacers Aran is missing for her bike and went to a party that a friend of Oscar´s was throwing at his house.  We had a lot of spanglish conversations with drunk engineers.  Pretty neat.  Tomorrow, we plan to rent a car and head off to the mountains for the weekend with Oscar and Becki to see the site Oscar has secured for a summer camp he is trying to start.  It will be our first glimpse of the hills to come.