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The plan was to bike out today…

But we’re going to stay one more night. Yesterday, Aran had some pretty amazing stomach troubles (no, it wasn’t the water. We blame a particular torta stand at Garibaldi subway stop.) Then we stayed up late with Oscar brainstorming some ideas for a Mexico City tour guide business he is considering! Then, we slept a little too late this morning to catch Becky before work to say goodbye, and Aran’s stomach is better but not 100%. So we figure, one more day here is a great idea.

Our second week here included a trip to the candy market, where we discovered that they sell large chunks of candied starchy vegetables, like pumpkin and yam. We went to a few other markets and hunted for some spacers Aran needed for her bike racks. Leo invited us to a party at his house, where we met a bunch of his engineering student friends. Andrew observed that engineering school students in Mexico party a lot like engineering school students in the US – lots of dudes sit around cracking dorky jokes. Things really got going, though, when we spotted an ENORMOUS fire from the roof, and heard on the news that a Walmart was burning down. We even tried our Spanish and the engineers practiced their English, and between the two we met some great folks.

Over the weekend, we made a journey north of the city to see Oscar’s camp in the mountains. The site is absolutely beautiful. The mountains and their forests are quiet and pristine, and they make it very easy to forget that Mexico City is only 90 minutes away by car. Unfortunately, it rained all day, and showed no sign of letting up. While Andrew and I are prepared for the rain, Oscar and Becky don’t have much rain gear, and Becky hasn’t camped much. We decided to avoid a cold, rainy night in the woods, and instead drove down the mountain 30km to Pachuca, where there was the Hildago State Fair. We paid 30 pesos each for entry (~$2.25) and all the attractions inside were free. Including the rides. Again, Mexicans know how to have a good time.

Sunday, before heading back to Mexico City, we visited the Toltecan ruins at Tula. Apparently, the Tolteca civilization’s governing power was military instead of religious, unlike a lot of other civilizations. One of those others, the Mexicas, took over the region after a few hundred years. The ruins were cool, though a lot smaller and a bit more tumbledown than Teotihuacan.

Since the weekend, we’ve been gathering momentum to climb aboard the bikes. Oscar has requested that he ride along with us on his new bike which was a thank you present from us. He’ll come as far as Puebla or a bit farther. It will be great to have his company and advice for a few more days. On Tuesday, we made one more trip to the market for road snacks (bars made of nuts, seeds, and honey; peanut butter, tortillas). Yesterday, we packed and Andrew re-assembled his neat-o solar charger. Today, we’re laying low, saying goodbye to the street vendors who come through and serenade the residents here a few times each day.

Tomorrow, we hit the road!