We hope to keep a record of fun things like total kilometers traveled, total meters climbed/ascended, steepest climb/ascent, etc. (this may come after the tour is over and Andrew becomes a computer programmer).

As of 2012-10-14 we’ve traveled this far with the bikes:

In total:
We biked 7821 in 162 days
traveled 2757km on buses
traveled in pickup trucks for 386km
and 1509km in cars and boats
That’s 126473km we’ve gone with the bikes, 62.7% of which we pedaled.


In Mexico:
We biked 1639km in 37 days
traveled 450km on buses
hired a taxi into Miahuatlán for 16km
and went 776km in a rental car with A’s parents


In Belize:
we biked 469km in 8 days
and had the bikes on boats for about 170km


In Guatemala:
We biked 558km in 12.6 days
ridden buses for 159km
and hitch hiked 34km

In El Salvador:
We just rode our bikes 361km in 5.5 days

In Honduras:
We biked 159km in 3.6 days.

In Nicaragua:
We biked 758km in 12.3 days
and hitch hiked 12.4km

In Costa Rica:
We rode 480km in 9.5 days
and took buses for 211km

In Panama:
We rode the bikes 521km in 11.5 days
taken the bus for 339km
taken 2 taxis for a total of 16.1km
and had the bikes on boats for 40.5km.

On the way to Colombia, we put the bikes on a sailboat for 509km across the Caribbean.

In Colombia:
We pedaled 1313km in 23.3 days
Took the bus for 891km
and rode up the hill to Barichara in Gringo Mike’s Land Rover for 24km.

In Ecuador:
We rode 703km in 18.7 days
Took buses for 707km
And took one taxi for 28.7km.

So far in Peru:
We have ridden 860km in 20 days
and escaped the mud and recovered the bikes with 254.6km in pickup trucks.

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