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Panomara test

Andrew has been playing around with some images from the trip putting together a few panoramas. He is experimenting with how to show them to you. Play around with this simple draggable, pop-up-able display and let us know how it works for you.

Also, we’re now in Belize spending some time on Caye Caulker with Mark from Madison. We’ll have some more pictures up soon!

Some quick notes on the blog

Thank you all for reading our blog! It’s very exciting to go to an internet cafe and see all of your comments.

Here are a few notes that are sort of meta. First, we just reloaded the pictures in the last post: Hanging out in Mexico City, drinking the water, eating the lettuce, having a blast. so now there are captions which should demystify the photos at least a little.

Second, if you think you’re going to comment frequently, you might want to make yourself an account, which you can do with the new Register link on the right side under Meta. I think that will let your comments show up without needing to be moderated by us.

Third, if you’re not familiar with RSS, it’s a way to get the updates from the blog pushed to your computer. Wikipedia synopsis is a good place to start, but then you need a client program to use. I heartily recommend Google Reader (if you use gmail), or Thunderbird (if you use that), but whatever client you use for email will probably do RSS too. Let me know if you need help setting one of these up.

Lastly, we’re heading out of the city on Thursday, and we’ll hopefully make another post tomorrow, so stay tuned!