Monthly Archive for September, 2011

¡Vamos a México!

[this post was written on Friday, 23 September]

We have done it! We’re in Mexico with our bikes and panniers. Here’s how we did it:

On Monday, we got a ride to Washington with Andrew’s parents, and then we chased down a part for Aran’s bike, and delivered our bikes to the Nova Bicycle Doctor in Falls Church on Tuesday afternoon, with the help of aunt Lois. On Wednesday evening we packed our panniers and then packed them into two boxes from UHaul, and picked up the bikes from the doc. TSA had a look in each of the 4 boxes and passed them all on to Air Canada, who got them to Mexico City at the same time as us, even though we had been rebooked by the time we made our connection in Toronto (they re-rebooked us, and loaded the bikes).

Once in Mexico, we breezed through Immigration and Customs, and found our friend Oscar waiting just outside the doors of Customs. He helped us drag the boxes to a corner of the hallway where we were more or less out of the way, and we reassembled the bicycles, reattaching forks, stems, racks, fenders, and pedals before loading up the bags and walking over the highway. Oscar led us to his home on bike, and we’ve been touring the city on foot with him since. Yesterday we saw the Zocalo, National Palace, opera house and downtown, and today we went to the market a Merced and bought enough food for 5 days, which we’ll help our hosts Oscar and Rebecca cook into delicious meals.

Time to go!

We have five days left in the US.  We had a busy summer in Wisconsin.  We left a month ago, and it is only now starting to feel like we might have left for more than just a short vacation.

We spent some time in the Catskills with Aran’s parents right before Irene hit:

Then we went to Boston to visit the awesome Shultz trio, as well as a few Plasma Physicists.  We also made a stop at Sheldon Brown’s house on the way out:

Now we are hanging out in Lancaster, PA with Andrew’s parents, packing and re-packing our panniers.  We took our first fully loaded ride this week.  Yup, first.

Monday we head to Washington DC with our bikes and our one-way tickets, and Thursday we fly!  Then bike.